One day in a shopping mall...

A woman went to a shopping mall with a calculator. She is weak in calculation.

She took 4 items and calculate the total price by using calculator and got it as $7.11

She went to checkout queue. Unfortunately she multiply item's prices instead of sum those.

Counterman do the calculations properly (sum those) and charge the woman $ 7.11 (how strange!)

But that was true and none was mistaken.

Now what was the cost of each item she purchased?

The whole truth and nothing but the truth

There is a island in the Pacific Ocean on which there are three tribe lives.

* the Whites, who always tell the truth,
* the Blacks, who always tell lies,
* and the Greys, who lie and tell the truth alternatively but their first answer may be either trusth or lie.

These natives always gather in groups of three, with one representative of each tribe in the broup.

A visitor to the island approaches such a group of three natives, and had the following conversation with the

first native.

* Are you the White, the Black, or the Grey?
** I am the Grey.

* And what about yout friend here?
** He is Black.

* So your other friend is the White?
** Of course.

Now, a question to you. Was the 'other friend' white? and if not, what was he?